Classic Panettone

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Make way for the protagonist of Christmas, able to bring adults and children together in an atmosphere of joy. We are not talking about Santa Claus, but about our artisan panettone!

The strengths of him?

The soft and light dough, the result of a 48-hour leavening, the crunchy glaze set with toasted almonds and the scent of candied orange peel and raisins.

Also perfect as a tasty gift idea, as long as you can stop yourself from tasting it.


Lievito madre, farina di grano tenero tipo 00*, zucchero, uova fresche, burro (latte)*, uvetta, arancia candita, mandorle, glassa (zucchero e mandorle tostate)

*Gli ingredienti evidenziati possono provocare reazioni in persone allergiche o intolleranti.

Può contenere tracce di: frutta a guscio, latte e prodotti a base di latte, soia e prodotti a base di soia, semi di sesamo e prodotti a base di sesamo, archidi e prodotti a base di arachidi.