Artisan biscuits, bread and sweets since 1960 in Varzi

Love for tradition, passion for quality
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Our history

Bakery and biscuit

La Forneria Biscotteria Azzaretti is a family-run business immersed in one of the most beautiful and ancient medieval villages in Italy.

Varzi, the pearl of Oltrepò Pavese, preserves the secrets of this ancient biscuit factory and its baked goods, which have always been renowned for their great quality.

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buono sconto
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Azzaretti biscotti

Via Lauretta Romagnesi 4, - 27057 Varzi (PV)

Tel: 0383-52686 - Mobile: 339-1072429


Mar - Sab: H 6.30 - H 12.30 / H 16.00 - H 19.30

Dom: H 6.30 - H 13.00