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In the beginning it was bread, the starting point of our journey and the leitmotif of our history, rigorously based on type 1 flour.

Entrusted to the expert and creative hands of our bakers, the simplest yet most important food of all has taken on a thousand different shapes and flavors over the years.

But there is one aspect that unites all the loaves that come out of our ovens: fidelity to traditional processing techniques, which enhance the genuine flavor of the flour.

Which flour? Type 1, which we have chosen because, by keeping the bran and wheat germ, it allows us to produce loaves that are much richer in nutrients, fragrant, tasty and long-lasting.

Azzaretti's bread grows from mother yeast chariots that are kept alive every day with adjustments of water, flour and yeast. A few simple ingredients, assembled with care and foresight, are enough to create unique and inimitable breads, rolls and loaves.

Every morning, classic, wholemeal and extra virgin olive oil loaves await you in the shop. On the weekend, however, you can also find special breads, multigrain, durum wheat semolina or with the addition of turmeric.


And then there is our particular focaccia, hand stretched on boards up to 1.5 meters long, baked without trays with a veil of flour at the base and baked with custom-made wooden shovels.

Try it also in the Genoese and cheese variant (Recco type): we learned to knead them under the guidance of an expert Ligurian baker!

Do you think that we start baking at one o'clock in the morning to churn out fragrant and very fresh products at dawn ... A riot of addictive flavors and textures.

Seeing is believing!