Tell me your favorite Christmas cake and I'll tell you who you are.

The sweet symbol of Christmas par excellence could never be missing from our production. The artisan panettone is a real test for pastry chefs, because knowledge, patience and a lot of dedication are required to make it. But it is also a product that more than others tells the story of a pastry shop.

Despite being easily recognizable by shape and taste, in fact, the artisan panettone can be made in a thousand different ways, not only with the addition of new ingredients, but also for the choice of the leavening and processing method. After years of experiments, we have therefore calibrated a recipe of our own, which reveals our imprint while respecting the sacredness of the dessert, once called pan grande.

The Recipe Of The Artisan Panettone

Our artisan panettone is made from a long leavening dough (48 hours) and contains carefully selected top quality ingredients:

  • wheat flour from Oltrep√≤ Pavese
  • mother yeast cared for with love
  • butter from the Varzi dairy
  • 100% Italian sugar
  • fresh eggs from hens raised outdoors

The icing that covers it is garnished with the almonds we love so much and which give it a unique aroma and fragrance. Of course, preservatives and additives are banned from our laboratories, as well as synthetic flavors and any other artificial ingredients or ingredients of dubious origin.

The result is a soft, light and fragrant artisan panettone, but above all unique and inimitable. Impossible to resist!

Panettone Azzaretti
Panettone artigianale

The Variations And Combinations Of Wine And Panettone

We produce it in two variants:

  • classic panettone with raisins and candied fruit
  • panettone with chocolate and candied pears
  • the 1 kilogram panettone
  • the 500-gram panettone
  • the 400 gram plumcake

Choose the flavor and format you prefer and complete the work with a matching wine. In our store you will also find a selection of wines from the Lefiole and Montelio wineries.

A good passito is the ideal accompaniment to a quality artisan panettone, but the closer to the holidays, the more you feel the need for bubbles: then choose a sweet sparkling wine to toast with your loved ones.