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100% Italian eggs, butter, flour and sugar. It doesn't take much to create unique and unmistakable packaged artisan biscuits.

The Azzaretti artisan biscuits are born from the natural meeting of a few healthy 100% Italian ingredients, many of which come from Varzi and surroundings.

Eggs, butter, flour and sugar mixed wisely and with some original additions can generate infinite combinations of flavors, for all palates.

We have selected seven, to create artisan biscuits with a strong personality and infinite sweetness and buttery:

  • simple donuts and variegated
  • chocolate donuts
  • the classic braids, wholemeal, corn or with chocolate chips t
  • he gobbetti, otherwise called krumiri.

Directly from the oven to the breakfast or snack table (however, nothing prevents you from rummaging in the pantry in the throes of midnight peckish).

But that's certainly not the end of it. Enthusiastic by the taste of our almond cake, we have also produced a type of artisan biscuits: almonds, simple, with cocoa or with raisins. Finally, we dedicated ourselves to our artisanal biscuits with sac a poche: homemade macaroons and ladyfingers, ideal to eat alone or as an ingredient in cakes and other desserts.

How to enjoy them? There are those who fall in love with a type and those who love to change flavor with each bite, there are those who alternate sips and bites and those who cannot help but dip the biscuits in milk, tea or coffee, perhaps in pairs. There is no rule, the important thing is to find the combinations that make us happy.

What kind of cookie are you?

How to store home made cookies

Keeping cookies fresh and crunchy over time is easier than you think. The optimal preservation of artisan biscuits must take place in the classic grandmother's jar, a glass or ceramic container that is hermetically sealed and kept in a cool and dry place. The less they are exposed to the air, the longer they are kept.

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