In our territory the Coppette di Varzi are as famous as the panettone.

It is a Christmas cake typical of Oltrepò, and of course Varzi, which requires mastery in execution and satisfies the palate and the soul as few other desserts can.

An experience for the palate and the soul!

The Coppette di Varzi are, in fact, composed of a soft nougat cream that melts in the mouth, garnished with walnuts and enclosed in two thin wafers.

Here are the ingredients that compose them: honey from the Staffora Valley beekeepers 100% Italian sugar nuts fresh egg white from free-range hens wafers, or, better still, very thin wafers It seems that a dessert made with dried fruit, honey and egg white already existed in ancient Rome.

In any case, in more recent times it has become part of the Christmas tradition of different regions and cities, each personalized with original ingredients.

Coppette di Varzi
Coppette di Varzi ricetta

The soft nougat recipe is very simple, but the manufacturing process is particularly long and complex: it requires several hours and a great deal of experience to give rise to a dough that is soft but not liquid, balanced in sweetness and consistency.

The cake that comes from the hands of our pastry chefs is therefore a real masterpiece of balance. If you have never tasted the Coppette di Varzi, you must rush to our pastry shop.

We will be happy to share with you one of the culinary traditions we love most, sweetening your Christmas.